Bishop Adrian Ricardo Rodgers is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. He was born to Bishop Charles Franklin Rodgers and Shirley Jean Shannon Rodgers. After the passing of his birth mother, Bishop Charles Rodgers married Gloria Jean Dickerson Rodgers who raised him as her own.

Bishop Rodgers is the oldest of four children and the grandson of three former pastors who have gone home to be with the Lord: Bishop E.W. & Ruth Rodgers, Superintendent Walter & Ethel Shannon, and Dr. E.E. & Martha Dickerson. The bishop began his life of ministry as a musician. He started playing the drums for his father’s church at the age of 5. He moved from the drums, to the piano, and finally to the organ. He served as Minister of Music at his father’s church for 15 years. The bishop also served as District Minister of Music for multiple districts within the Tennessee Church of God In Christ. He served as vice-president of the music department in Central Jurisdiction of Tennessee under the late Bishop W.L. Porter and Minister of Music for the Fifth Jurisdiction of Tennessee under Bishop Samuel L. Lowe.

Slowly, God changed the bishop’s emphasis from music to the preaching ministry. He served as an Associate Pastor for Bishop Charles Franklin Rodgers for 8 years. During this time, he began to evangelize as God began to develop his deliverance ministry. In 1994, the Spirit of God first spoke to Bishop Charles Rodgers, then confirmed it in Bishop Adrian Rodgers’ spirit, to plant a church in Jonesboro, AR. The bishop started with a daily broadcast in May of the same year. In September, the bishop and his wife, Susan, founded Fullness of Joy Ministries. In answer to the Apostolic calling upon his life, Bishop Adrian Rodgers planted two churches out of Fullness of Joy Ministries.

In January 2008, the call for ministry became greater for Bishop Adrian Rodgers. His father, Bishop Charles Rodgers, retired from the full-time pastorate and Bishop Adrian Rodgers became the pastor of New Dimensions Ministries in Memphis, TN. Since the inception of Impact Fellowship International, the bishop has stood beside his father by serving as one of the Vice Chairmen.
Bishop Rodgers is a graduate of the International College of Bible Theology. He is a popular conference speaker and foreign evangelist. He has joined in missionary ventures in several foreign countries including: Africa, Costa Rica, Columbia-South America, Belize-Central America, and Manila-Philippines.

Bishop Adrian Rodgers was designated to the office of Bishop by the pastors of Impact Fellowship International and consecrated to that appointment by his father and favorite preacher, Bishop Charles Franklin Rodgers, in June 2013. His elevation attest to his many years of leadership and commitment to the things we call “Holy” and is the culmination of years of deserved promotion which he could not receive until God’s timing demanded the same. Many souls will be touched and affected by his Episcopal Leadership.

Bishop Adrian Rodgers and his wife, Susan, have been happily married since August 17, 1985. They are the proud parents of Adrian Charles and Brianna Danielle.